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    • How do You Write?书写的变迁

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:25   浏览:202

      Passage 30 How do You Write` 书写的变迁 It's very easy for us to write today. We just turn on a computer, and type. It wasn't like that for your parents. Many of them used a typewriter. If you made a mistake, you had to start all over agai...

    • Native Americans美洲原住民

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:23   浏览:202

      Passage 29 Native Americans 美洲原住民 Have you ever heard about "Native Americans"` We used to call them "Indians", because the people from Europe made a mistake. When the people from Europe first came to America, they thought they were i...

    • The Young Man Who Cut Stones凿石头的年轻人

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:21   浏览:202

      Passage 28 The Young Man Who Cut Stones 凿石头的年轻人 A long long time ago, there was a young man who cut stones. He didn't like his job. He wanted to be strong and powerful. One day, he met a genie. The genie said, "I can make you anythi...

    • The Crow and the Pitcher乌鸦喝水

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:19   浏览:202

      Passage 27 The Crow and the Pitcher 乌鸦喝水 On a hot and sunny day, a crow flew in the sky. He was very thirsty, and was looking for something to drink. "I'm so thirsty. I really need to find some water. " thought the crow. Just then, the...

    • Lets Go Camping!我们去露营吧!

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:17   浏览:202

      Passage 26 Lets Go Camping! 我们去露营吧! Camping is really fun. There is so much to do! But, you need to be prepared. You need to bring lots of things with you. You need a tent. It's like a small house for sleeping outside. They are usua...

    • In the Future...未来……

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:15   浏览:202

      Passage 25 In the Future... 未来…… We have a really cool assignment for art class. We have to paint a picture of the future. The teacher asked "What will the world be like in 2100` Draw a picture and write a few sentences. " Take a look:...

    • The Fastest Student in Third Grade三年级跑得最快的同学

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:13   浏览:202

      Passage 24 The Fastest Student in Third Grade 三年级跑得最快的同学 "Welcome to Third Grade Recess TV. Were coming to you live from the schoolyard. We have a very exciting race today. Dillon, Andrea, Jessica, and Matthew are going to run fo...

    • How do We Spend Our Time?我们的时间怎样度过?

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:11   浏览:202

      Passage 23 How do We Spend Our Time` 我们的时间怎样度过? In your lifetime, you'll do lots of great things. How will you spend your time` `You'll spend two years exercising. `You'll spend one and a half years shopping. `You'll spend four a...

    • A Pirates Treasure 海盗的宝藏

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:09   浏览:202

      Passage 22 A Pirates Treasure 海盗的宝藏 Captain Jim is a lonely old pirate. He's tall, thin, and very ugly. He wears an eye patch and has a wooden leg. His only friend is a parrot named Crackers. He used to have many friends, but he hasn'...

    • A Message in a Bottle瓶中信

      时间  2018-06-18 15:58:08   浏览:202

      Passage 21 A Message in a Bottle 瓶中信 Ryan: What's that floating in the water` John: I think it's a bottle. Let's swim out and get it. Ryan: Wow! There's a message in the bottle! John: What does it say` What does it say` My name is Mike....