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    • 《欧洲文化入门》Questions for Revision:

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:42   浏览:202

      Questions for Revision: 1.What are the most salient characteristics of the Modernist movement` 2.In what historical context did the Modernist movement take place` 3.Who was Freud` In what ways did his theory influence the Modernists` 4...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》3. Music

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:40   浏览:202

      3. Music In modern music harmonies and melodies are more complicated and are based on a much greater variety of tones than we find in the music of the old masters. Modern music often uses no key to act as a central tone around which the w...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》2. Sculpture

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:39   浏览:202

      2. Sculpture a. Henry Moore (1898—1986) An English sculptor, his interest was always research into three-dimensional spatial construction. He produced pure abstract sculptures which have a pent up energy, an intense life of their own,...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》1. Art

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:37   浏览:202

      Ⅳ. Art and Music 1. Art In 1905, at the third Salon d'Automne, a group of younger painters under the leadership of Henri Matisse exhibited canvases so simplified in design and so shockingly brilliant in colour that an art critic describe...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》6. Black Humour

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:35   浏览:202

      6. Black Humour Black Humour is a term derived from Black Comedy. Its origin can be traced back to Shakespeare's time. But now the term is usually used to refer to some Western, especially American Post-World War Ⅱ writers. Black humour...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》5. The Theatre of the Absurd

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:33   浏览:202

      5. The Theatre of the Absurd The "Theatre of the Absurd" is a term referring to the works of some European, particularly French, playwrights of the 1950s and 60s. The word "absurd" originated from the works of Camus, who saw human situati...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》4. Existentialism

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:32   浏览:202

      4. Existentialism Existentialism is a philosophy that became a self-conscious movement in the 20th century. Its basic concern is human existence. It is an inquiry into the conditions of man with relation to the problems created by an extr...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》3. Nouveau Roman (New Novel)

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:30   浏览:202

      3. Nouveau Roman (New Novel) "Nouveau Roman" refers to some 20th-century French novels. The term "Nouveau Roman" came into being with the publication of some essays by Alain Robbe-Grillet, a French writer. In one of his essays, Robbe-Gr...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》2. Beat Generation in America

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:29   浏览:202

      2. Beat Generation in America The English Angry Young Men had a counterpart on the American continent — Beat Generation (Beatnicks). It was a name adopted by some American youngsters who refused to accept "respectability" and conventio...

    • 《欧洲文化入门》1. Angry Young Men in England

      时间  2018-06-11 13:10:27   浏览:202

      Ⅲ. Literature and Philosophy Since 1945 Literature since 1945 showed the impact of the two world wars. Writers and artists never quite recovered from the shock and destruction of the global nightmares. The feeling of uncertainty found in...

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