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    • Making and Answering the Phone接打电话_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-29 02:23:18   浏览:202

      Making and Answering the Phone 接打电话 Dialogue 情境对话大演练 Jenny: Hello,this is Jenny.Could I talk to Tom? Cassie: Hang on a moment,please. Tom: Hello,Jenny.What's up? Jenny: I want to invite you to my party at home tomorrow evening...

    • Listening to Music听音乐_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-29 01:53:15   浏览:202

      Listening to Music 听音乐 Dialogue 情境对话大演练 A: What kind of music do you like? B: I like various kinds of music but I like music with fast beat best,like dance music.You like classical music,don't you? A: Yes,I do.I think it can...

    • Watching TV看电视_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-29 01:23:12   浏览:202

      Watching TV 看电视 Dialogue 情境对话大演练 Jenny: Can you turn on the TV? Tom: Why? Jenny: I want to watch that talk show.It really cracks me up. Tom: That channel has so many advertisements.And watching that kind of program is meaningle...

    • Reading阅读_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-29 00:53:09   浏览:202

      Reading 阅读 Dialogue 情境对话大演练 A: Do you know when the library is open? B: Yes,I do.I usually borrow books here.And it keeps me up-to-date with all the latest information. A: Why don't you find the information on the internet ins...

    • Cooking做饭_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-29 00:23:10   浏览:202

      Chapter 2 Daily Life 家庭生活 Cooking 做饭 Dialogue 情境对话大演练 Jenny: Tom,Could you please give me a hand with some things in the kitchen? Tom: Sure,what do you want me to do? Jenny: I need you to peel the vegetables and chop them in...

    • Culture and Customs风土人情_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-29 00:08:10   浏览:202

      Culture and Customs 风土人情 每个国家都有自己的文化因素,而文化因素也直接决定了这个国家的交际特征。想要真正学好英语,我们势必要了解英语国家的一些基本文化特征。下面我们就给大家讲一下热情开放的美国人在人际交往中有什么文化习俗。 在美国,双方...

    • Congratulating祝贺_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-28 02:21:02   浏览:202

      Congratulating 祝贺 Dialogue 情境对话大演练 Jenny: Hello,this is Jenny speaking.May I speak to Tom? Lily: Please hold on a second. Tom: Hi,Jenny.What's up? Jenny: I am calling to congratulate you on your promotion. Tom: Thank you,Jenny....

    • Running into an Old Friend遇到老朋友_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-28 01:51:01   浏览:202

      Running into an Old Friend 遇到老朋友 Dialogue 情境对话大演练 A: Hey! I didn't expect to meet you here,at the theatre. B: Hi! It's wonderful to see you. A: What are you doing here? B: I work here.Just a part-time job. A: Oh,that soun...

    • Helping帮助_英语口译口语

      时间  2018-09-28 01:21:03   浏览:202

      Helping 帮助 Dialogue 情境对话大演练 Jenny: Hello,Tom.Could you please give me a hand? Tom: Certainly.What's the matter? Jenny: My phone has run out of power.Can I use yours to call my mom? Tom: OK.Here you are. Jenny: Thank you.It's ve...